Outsourced Services

"Smart Sourcing": Significant cost savings without compromising quality or speed of execution

Kohesiv offers “smart sourcing” to our clients for technology-related projects. Depending on client needs, we can offer hybrid delivery teams located in the US and overseas. Our approach provides clients the opportunity to achieve significant cost savings without compromising on quality and speed of execution.

Application Development

Clients can leverage our onshore and offshore development teams to create new applications or upgrade existing products. Our technologists are fluent in many technological and product areas developing solutions to automate business processes, improve client service, solve business and mission requirements, and interchange information effectively and securely. Our team has strong knowledge of enterprise architectures and design expertise to address our clients' strategic technology needs.
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Managed Services

Kohesiv's managed services is based on defined policies, procedures & metrics for all IT operations. We provide solutions that maximize the visibility of performance against predefined delivery standards, while being flexible for changes and future needs.
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Contact Information

To learn more, please contact us at info@kohesiv.com.